Augmented reality and Virtual Reality


Today, Augmented Reality has a larger potential application in various verticals. AR solutions are easier to fit into our daily lives due to the utilization of smartphones. This is helping retailers can use this technology in multiple ways.

What Is Augmented Reality?


Augmented Reality (AR) is the technique of overlaying the real world with 3D/virtual information, therefore enhancing the physical world, making it more fascinating. With the use of AR, we are able to overlay text, images, 3D objects, creatures,.. etc on to the real world and interact with them as if they were real.

Users can access AR experience via the screen of their smartphones, tablets or using AR glasses. With the rise of popular AR games like Pokemon GO, or Facebook/Instagram filters, AR is becoming more and more popular and will soon replace how we interact with the Internet.

AR for Furniture


AR for Furniture: See how our custom sofas, beds, and chairs will fit in your space. Augmented reality applications have also provided a whole new insight into marketing furniture. The use of animations to test how an item fits in gives a gamified approach to the furniture business whilst still offering relevant product information and helpful 3D experiences to catch customer’s fancy.

Augmented Reality Zoo (AR Zoo)

AR Zoo: This is an AR children's educational software developed with the latest ARKit technology. It can create various animals anytime and anywhere. At home, you can have your own zoo. You can see animals and listen at close range. To the sound of animals, close contact with dinosaurs and beasts.