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On July 2016, Tesse Tech was formed with the aspiration of Vietnam Technology, which are researched and developed by Vietnam, will be applied and used around the world in a useful way to bring better value to million of people. Our company work to help you accomplish your goals by ultilizing the best technology for your company to save costs and increase profit.
Our Activities
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30% of our activities focus on R&D of innovative technologies and products of the future.

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40% of our follow-up activities revolve around product development and innovation for Tesse Holding Group.

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30% of activities are dedicated to project development for our partners and loyal clients.


Empower our clients the ability to equip the latest technologies as weapon to ehance the competitive advantages over competitors. So that, they can grow fastẻ and become the market leaders in their industries.

We pursue human values and ultimately bebefit people, our research and development projects aim to make human life better.

We only focus on researching and developing projects and products related to technolody, especially high technology.

Our projects and products are geared to long-term vision, always aiming to achieve the highest sustainability goals for partners and clients.


Technology of Vietnam,
International quality!

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We brainstorm to get the best idea for you based on your requirements and scope of project



We put our code ethics into hard work to create the MVP Prototype at high quality for you



We discuss a lot with you to figure out the best procedure

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